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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Enhanced by Nature

"Exotic Treasures" Long Necklace (Pendent Section)

"Exotic Treasures" Necklace

"Exotic Treasures" Bracelet

"Exotic Treasures" Cluster Dangle Ring

I have been exclusively using sage linen displays as photographic backgrounds. Yesterday, although I had planned on experimenting with some colored paper instead, I ended up using a well-weathered outdoor wood table. I was very pleased with how my pieces were enhanced by such a non-blank slate. Today I went to Mountain View for the Fine Art in the Park festival. I hung out with two friends who were selling their beautiful tie-dyed clothing. As I was sitting on the ground, I decided to try grass and cement surfaces on which to photograph some additional pieces. Both turned out to be wonderful backdrops. These pieces are part of my "Exotic Treasures" collection which also includes a beautiful pair of earrings. I love using blue, white and sterling together. In this case the beads are hammered fine silver, bright blue-green apatite, and faceted rainbow moonstone which compliment the amazing carved shell focal pieces. Other collections include genuine turquoise with clear crystal quartz and/or rainbow moonstone. I love making collections and plan to make more complimentary item choices (for example, more than one pair of earrings to choose from for one necklace).  I sell all pieces individually and they are available in my Storenvy shop and also my Etsy shop once all items are relisted. Thanks for visiting my blog.

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