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Saturday, May 4, 2013


"Seattle" Earrings

"Seattle" Bracelet

I called this post "Visibility". As I reinvented my blog, I reminded myself that I need to post here very regularly otherwise my work will be rather futile.I want people to see my art and enjoy it. I am actually enjoying posting and adding new design features to my blog. This set is named after my second favorite city. The colors remind me of the beautiful evergreens. When I was in graduate school in SE Washington State I did my best to head to the Seattle area whenever I could. Going over Snoqualmie Pass was always an invigorating experience. I would just take deep breathes and inhale the wonderful smell and freshness of the air. I bought the bracelet clasp while bead shopping in Portland with my life-long friend, Sharon. I really enjoy finding little treasures like that even when I have no idea how I will use them in the future. I added a dangle from the hole in the clasp because to me where there is a hole, I put a dangle. These pieces are are one of a kind and sold individually. I also have a matching ring. Thanks for stopping by. You may now subscribe to this blog.

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